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PSA has been a leader in the insurance and financial services industry for more than 86 years. Over the decades we have worked diligently to build a strong team of dedicated professionals all with a common goal – to grow and protect the assets of our clients. Each of our team members bring knowledge, a high-level of expertise, years of experience and most importantly a dedication to be a true partner to our clients.


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Starting a family (compressed)

Insurance Protection to Consider When Starting a Family

In my experience, when people are young and single, they tend to make price-based insurance buying decisions rather than focus on the quality of coverage. Thus, they often end up shopping for insurance online, which can get them standard coverage quickly. However, when they start a family, their circumstances become more complex and their priorities […]


Flex Credits and Opt-out Payments under the ACA

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently issued Notice 2015-87 which provides guidance on several topics under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  This includes reporting and affordability treatment of employer-provided flex credits, opt-out credits and similar arrangements.

Winter Storm Preparedness

Winter Storm Protection Tips on the Road and in Your Home

Winter has arrived and for most of the country that means the chance of snow, ice and extreme cold. If The Weather Channel is calling for a blizzard or ice storm in your town, we’ve compiled some helpful tips to help keep you safe and warm. Power outages and blocked roads are common occurrences during […]

PSA’s Partnership Program – 50th Partner Event

At PSA we constantly strive to find ways to better serve our clients, above and beyond the worlds of insurance and financial services. When the economy was at its worst, during the Great Recession, we asked ourselves, how could we be an ally in helping our clients manage their businesses to weather the storm?  From […]