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PSA has been a leader in the insurance and financial services industry for more than 86 years. Over the decades we have worked diligently to build a strong team of dedicated professionals all with a common goal – to grow and protect the assets of our clients. Each of our team members bring knowledge, a high-level of expertise, years of experience and most importantly a dedication to be a true partner to our clients.

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shutterstock_155786744 same sex tax credits600

The Supreme Court Rulings – Tax Credits in Federal Exchanges & Same-Sex Marriage (Benefit Minute)

In two recent Supreme Court decisions, the Court upheld premium tax credits for coverage purchased on federal Exchanges and ruled that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right. Both of these decisions have potential impact on benefit plans offered by employers.

Employee Advocacy (compressed)

When choosing an employee benefits broker – don’t forget the advocacy

Building the right employee benefits program and managing it well can be a crucial factor in employee morale and retention. Unfortunately, not all benefits broker firms/consultants provide the same level of service. One of the critical services you should look for when choosing a benefits broker is Employee Advocacy. In this post, I’ll outline key […]

Identity Theft (compressed)

Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Is your personal information, specifically your Social Security number, safe? Tens of millions of Americans are finding out the hard way that the answer is no. Just recently, two large health insurance providers, Anthem and Premera Blue Cross, have experienced a massive data breach – 13.5 million Anthem clients and employees and 11 million Premera […]

shutterstock_49250560 burnt house

After a Fire Loss: What to expect and how to manage the process

The National Fire Protection Association reports that a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States every 20 seconds. One in five of those calls is for a building fire. As I discussed in my previous post, preventing a fire in your home and having an escape plan in case one occurs […]