Baltimore Sportscaster and Voice of the Baltimore Ravens Gerry Sandusky Reveals the Skills You Need to Operate Effectively Above the Visible Line

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As a sportscaster and the voice of the Baltimore Ravens, Gerry Sandusky interviews Superbowl winners, game-winning managers and Olympic champion athletes and coaches. In his communication consulting business, he works with CEOs and other top level executives on how to be a leader who communicates effectively not only to the media or public but to their teams. In his experiences, Mr. Sandusky has found that the tools that help you advance to a leadership level are technical and political whereas the tools that help excel you as a leader are completely different. These are the skills that few learn as they rise – but are at the absolute heart of leadership.

As a leader, whether on the sports field or in an office, your ability to convey vision and inspire excellence will make or break your own personal success and that of your business. At this point you’ve risen Above the Visible Line.

During the May 21st PSA Partnership event, Mr. Sandusky will share the skills you need to operate effectively above the Visible Line. During this compelling session, you’ll learn:

  • Usually what’s perceived to be lack of vision is really a lack of the ability to effectively communicate;
  • How audiences evaluate you every time and in very little time;
  • How your communication supports or becomes your brand;
  • And how to figure out why other people aren’t getting your message (Hint: Even when you think the problem is them, it’s probably you).

Mr. Sandusky also has a blog, Gerry with a G, and in a recent post he discusses the four things that leaders must communicate to their team in order to be effective:

During a walk on the beach one morning, I came across a pier filled with different types of birds. Pelicans, blackbirds, seagulls, and sandpipers–each very different from the other, yet together they had all the elements of a team: They moved as a group; they had a clear pecking order of priority (Pelicans, seagulls, blackbirds, then sandpipers); they had a shared interest, a common goal: finding the next meal.

Register here to attend “Above the Visible Line” on May 21st.

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