Relationship Leadership for the Marketplace: Leadership Coach and Consultant for the Baltimore Ravens, Rod Hairston, to Share Championship Leadership Principles at Upcoming PSA Partnership

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For fourteen years, Rod Hairston served as the life coach and chaplain for the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens, helping them to build a winning culture among front office executives, coaches, and players. He now serves the team as a leadership consultant.  He works regularly with leaders in the professional sports world, helping them to navigate a rapidly changing sports culture and a widening divide between the front office and the field. Rod knows firsthand that great teams don’t happen by accident but that they come from intentional and strategic efforts.

During Rod’s July 30th PSA Partnership seminar, he will share some of the principles employed in his work with the Baltimore Ravens as well as the unique philosophies and practices emphasized within the Ravens organization that has made them two-time world champions.

Rod has identified seven unique principles for being a championship leader. What makes these principles unique is that they are not often discussed in the marketplace. According to Rod, leadership is largely about relationships. To the extent that we as leaders can become really good at relating to the people we lead, the better we will become as a leader. It is not about necessarily becoming friends, which often gets confused, but about building the relationships. People tend to be much more productive when there is a healthy relationship dynamic.

One of the practices Rod will explore in his PSA Partnership seminar is humility. He will help answer questions such as, “how do we operate humbly as leaders?” and “how do we live humbly when there is a lot of pressure on us as leaders?” Rod will discuss how during the Ravens 2012-2013 season they experienced a string of ugly wins and painful losses. Rod spent a lot of time with the team helping them to practice humility, learn from these experiences and ultimately prepare for championship.

Learn more about the principles and practices that will help make you a championship leader within your organization. Please go to for more details and to register for the July 30th PSA Partnership seminar featuring Rod Hairston.

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