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badge and text.short for website At PSA we constantly strive to find ways to better serve our clients, above and beyond the worlds of insurance and financial services. When the economy was at its worst, during the Great Recession, we asked ourselves, how could we be an ally in helping our clients manage their businesses to weather the storm?  From that question the PSA Partnership Program was born. We envisioned a program where leaders could come together, exchange ideas, and learn from one another in an intimate yet professional setting.

Since launching the program, we have watched the program evolve: attendance has grown from 20 to over 200 guests per event, with over 7,000 registrations to date. The program has attracted senior management from companies in a wide range of industries, including finance, government contractors, manufacturing, non-profit, real estate, construction, retail, education, professional services, and technology.

We started with guest speakers, including partners and friends, such as Mark Jankowski, Neuberger and Co. and Skeen Leadership Group. As we grew, we broadened the focus of the program so attendees have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of running a strong business. The PSA Partnership Program has featured experts in leadership, motivation, negotiations, business development, workplace culture, and operational efficiency, among others.

While these events were conceived out of a need to support our clients during an especially tough economic downturn, we felt it was valuable to continue the program to come together to share ideas and learn from each other ─ and six years, later the Partnership Program continues to be hugely successful. We are proud to announce this April, PSA will hold its 52nd Partnership event (50th seminar was postponed due to snow storm Jonas), with David Zweig, journalist, lecturer and author, delivering a seminar on “Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace”. We are proud to have formed and cultivated an extraordinary community of dynamic innovators, strategists and leaders who come together to learn and support one another.

Partnership Program Best Of

Since its inception, the Partnership Program has featured phenomenal speakers and experts in their fields, like Rod Hairston, leadership coach for the Baltimore Ravens, on teambuilding, Ritz-Carlton corporate director Joe Quitoni on customer service, and Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author, on motivating employees. We reach out to the best speakers we can find who have amazing roles and want to share their knowledge with our clients and the overall business community.

Here’s what speakers have to say about their experience of the Program:

“Speaking at the PSA Partnership program was an honor for me and would be for any speaker dedicated to delivering his or her message to an outstanding audience; hosted by an outstanding organization in an outstanding city. I guess you could say the spirit of what makes Baltimore great shines through the Partnership Program.”  Gair Maxwell, an international speaker and expert on branding, who took the PSA Partnership stage in April 2013

“I have always appreciated the enthusiasm and engagement of PSA audiences.” Anirban Basu, economist and CEO of Sage Policy Group

“The PSA Partnership Series is one of the highest values provided to CEOs in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Fantastic speakers, content and connections!” Matt Neuberger, CEO Neuberger & Co.

“As a speaker, I’ve always enjoyed the sophistication and breadth of the audience that PSA attracts, as well as the professional venue for these types of sessions. Certainly a high value add for their community.” Don Schmincke, founder of SAGA Leadership Institute

These and many more speakers have shared their expertise with the business community and have in return received a receptive, sophisticated audience—a win-win for everyone.

We have always thought of these events as great opportunities for thought leaders to mix and mingle and exchange ideas. By attending a PSA Partnership event you are joining thought leaders in a range of disciplines and learning from the best.

Based on a recent survey we conducted, our clients – who we’ve always hoped will think of us as a partner, not a vendor—have reported the energy at these events is “phenomenal,” and that they are “a generous gift to the business community.” We’re so pleased and proud to be able to present these events to have a direct, positive impact on your business’s bottom line, and hope you will join us for the next event in the series on “Celebrating the Unsung Heroes of the Workplace”.

The next time your business faces a challenge or you need advice, please reach out to PSA. We’ve got your back and we hope to see you in January.

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