PSA is Lending a Hand and Making a Difference

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Over many years the PSA family has established a rich history of community service as giving back has always been important for us. We seek creative ways to support our communities. Some of the most unique efforts include publishing and selling a PSA cookbook of favorite recipes from employees with all proceeds donated to Meals on Wheels; hosting a bingo night to raise over $5,000 for the Baltimore Station’s veteran recovery program; and a fundraiser of dunking our leadership at one of our annual picnics to feed over 1,300 homebound and elderly persons in the greater Baltimore area.

Although, our community engagements have always been successful, we decided to take our efforts one step further in honor of the National Make a Difference Day. We are introducing a formal company program, which focuses on more actively involving our employees. Accordingly, we’re implementing the Volunteer Paid Time Off (VPTO) policy. This provides our employees one additional day every year beyond their PTO to dedicate their time and services to any of our nonprofit clients and partners.

Encouraging employees to donate their time is a simple initiative, yet it can highly benefit everyone involved:

  • Employee satisfaction – PSA cares about the causes our employees are passionate about, which is why we allow them to choose the nonprofit organization they would like to support. This can prove personally fulfilling for employees, and it allows them to spend a day out of the office and recharge while making a difference. As a result, happy employees often mean improved organizational morale.
  • Teamwork – Service work often allows volunteers to develop their leadership skills while building new or strengthening existing relationships with colleagues from different departments of the organization. These connections can also help improve their collaboration and teamwork back in the office.
  • Culture – Satisfied employees with closer friendships also strengthen organizational culture.
  • Productivity – Recent research shows when employees are actively engaged in giving back it can deepen loyalty to their organizations and work harder when it’s needed to get the job done. Community service helps empower and motivate employees who then often boost organizational productivity.
  • Community growth – Most importantly, PSA’s VPTO program is yet another way we add value and help our nonprofit clients grow, which ultimately benefits the greater community.

We strive to be a partner rather than just a vendor or broker. As part of our commitment to our nonprofit clients and communities, we are lending a hand through a day of service as well as assisting with events and raising awareness. Let us know, if there are any volunteer opportunities to partner and serve your organization by emailing

In the meantime, we encourage every business to join us in giving back and building stronger communities by implementing a similar volunteer program and empowering employees.

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