PSA Partners with Loyola University Maryland to Invest in its Future Leadership

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PSA is excited to celebrate its inaugural class of Loyola’s Advanced Leadership Development Program. The program has been successful, with participants rating the program 91 out of 100. Roughly a quarter of PSA managers participated in the five-day program, which was spaced out over several months and focused on a wide range of leadership-related competencies.

“I was hoping for a program to help me develop leadership skills and give me tools to grow,” says Mike Volk, VP of Cybersecurity Insurance. “And I did—but I also learned so much more. I developed relationships with people at PSA who I don’t usually work with. The biggest benefit of the program, I believe, was strengthening my professional relationships and seeing the continued improvement to our company culture.”

As someone who both spearheaded and participated in the program, I can attest to the program’s value and positive impact on our culture and productivity. I learned about leadership philosophies and tools, which helped me raise my self-awareness and better understand my peers. I also gained insight into how I can lead and work with different types of personalities. Now I feel better equipped to deliver feedback, handle conflict, and motivate others.

Employee development continues beyond graduation. Our program participants are getting a real-world experience by practicing what they’ve learned in class through working on new initiatives. One of the organization-wide projects the teams are launching include identifying a variety of approaches to build deeper relationships with our clients and better understand their needs to improve our services. As part of another initiative, we are also assessing and exploring new ways to build skill, management, and leadership trainings to help develop future talent for PSA.

I’m encouraged not only by participants’ performance and personal growth so far, but also by how many PSA employees showed interest in developing professionally and personally—admission to this past class was highly competitive, with only 26 percent of applicants being selected. As a result, PSA will continue to bring more training and leadership development opportunities to facilitate professional growth, boost morale and improve our abilities to provide better service to our clients.

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