National Insurance Awareness Day

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Since June 28th has been coined National Insurance Awareness Day, each year, this holiday serves as a reminder to review your current insurance coverage. It is the perfect time to evaluate your coverage and make any necessary adjustments to establish a peace of mind and a secure future.

Ensure your family or your business still has adequate protection in the following areas:

Stay Safe. Workplace safety saves people, money, and time.

Injuries or illness can happen anywhere, at any time—even at your workplace. Workplace injuries can lead to major setbacks within your company resulting in slower business operations, a deprecation of your company’s reputation, and costly reparations. Reminding your employees about your company’s safety guide and policies can enhance safe workplace practices and help limit injuries.

PSA’s risk and safety management team stays well-informed of advances in the industry. Our experts can implement a new insurance plan or improve your existing program to mitigate your organization’s risks and help enhance safety in your workplace.

Ensure your organization’s cyber resiliency.

Due to cyber threats advancing faster than the world’s best defenses during the pandemic, it is crucial to have a plan to secure your business and teach your employees their crucial role in preventing and responding to a cyber-attack.

PSA’s dedicated cyber experts continuously monitor cyber threats to ensure your company has the most advanced cyber risk management technology and insurance solutions. Our experts will work with you to improve your operational resiliency by implementing the cyber liability insurance coverage you need to protect your business.

Protect what matters most in your personal life.

Life often throws us curveballs. With so much unpredictability these days, it is nice to know you and your family are protected with your personal insurance policies. However, navigating the numerous insurance options and trying to determine what coverage you truly need can leave you exhausted and lead to inaction.

At PSA, our experts are privileged to build relationships with our clients based on trust, partnership, and understanding. As your insurance representative, we place your best interest first when helping you select the appropriate insurance plan to help you safeguard what matters most to you. With our board range of plans, deep knowledge, and elite access to providers and coverages, PSA will work with you to build you an insurance solution that protects your priorities.

The National Insurance Awareness Day is a good reminder to get necessary coverage in all areas of your life or business. If you need help reviewing your insurance policies, feel  free to contact me at