Elevate Your Fleet Safety with Telematics

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Computers, satellites, and GPSs have been life-altering technologies developed throughout the past 60 years. Combining the power of these three advancements creates telematics, which can improve your fleet safety management process while saving you money.   

By merging GPS technology with satellites and computers, you can proactively identify drivers with at-risk behaviors, such as speeding and hard braking, and coach them before these behaviors become habits. Why is this important? Because your bottom line can be greatly affected by how your fleet performs on the road.

Benefits of Telematics 

Whether your fleet is a handful of cars or dozens of commercial vehicles, your drivers and vehicles performance play a key role in the success of your company. Telematics assists in numerous areas of fleet safety management including: 

  • Fewer accidents 
  • Reduced fuel and operational expenses 
  • Less speeding and distracted driving 
  • Reduced liability 
  • Improved brand image 
  • And more! 

Choose Safety Now!

Ready to improve your fleet safety and performance and save money along the way? PSA’s Risk and Safety Management team can help you choose the best solution for your needs and budget while making sure your program is successful. If you are ready to start building a culture of safety and accountability within your organization, contact me at spomponi@psafinancial.com 

Still have questions about telematics? Download PSA’s free telematics e-book to learn in-depth about how telematics work, real-life data surrounding road accidents and costs to employers, common misconceptions about telematics programs, benefits of telematics, and more. 

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