PSA Gives Back to the Community by Supporting Chairs of Grace

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As an organization focused on giving back, PSA encourages employees to nominate a non-profit organization of their choice to be considered as the recipient of PSA employee charitable fund donations. A different employee-nominated non-profit is awarded these funds on a quarterly basis.  

The 2021 fourth quarter recipient of the funds is the Chairs of Grace, nominated by Becca Waugerman, a Communication Specialist at PSA.  

Chairs of Grace is a non–profit organization with a mission to provide recliners for mastectomy patients who are recovering from surgery. The family-run non-profit provides a recliner, a care package, and a book that gives the patient an opportunity to write encouraging messages to the next woman who receives that recliner.   

Chairs of Grace was founded in 2018 by Becca’s mother, Melissa, as a result of her personal experience with a 2017 Breast Cancer diagnosis and bi-lateral mastectomy. Becca shared that after the surgery, her mother struggled to lay flat to sleep for weeks, but she was fortunate to have a recliner to sleep in through her recovery. Ever since, Melissa has made it her mission to help other women through the healing process of mastectomies by providing them with a reclining chair.  

Over the past three years, Chairs of Grace has provided over twenty women with recliners with the help of donors and through personal funding. Chairs of Grace plans to use the donation from PSA to purchase more recliners in order to expand the number of women they can assist during mastectomy recovery.  

If you are interested in supporting Chairs of Grace, visit their Facebook page to find donation opportunities. If you have any further questions or are interested in receiving Chairs of Grace’s services, please feel free to contact Melissa Waugerman at 301-660-1438 or email

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