PSA In Good Health 2023 Volume 2

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Spring Forward to Improving Your Health! 

At last, Spring is in the air! With the warmer weather and sunnier days, it is the perfect opportunity to improve your health. 

As we get older, we pick up increasingly unhealthy habits. They are hard to break, but when you do, the new life you gain is well worth it! 

How can you start improving your health?    

Diet During the Fall and Winter months, our plates are filled with high calorie comfort foods which can lead to weight gain. As Spring approaches, many Farmer’s Markets reopen, which can help you to replace junk foods with fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain all of the nutrients your body needs. For some easy healthy recipes, visit: 

Exercise – As the weather gets warmer, it is easier and more enjoyable to go outside and breathe in the fresh air. The more you get out, the more likely you are to be active. Schedule a picnic, a hike, a walk, etc., and your body will thank you for it! Strive for around 10,000 steps a day! 

Water Intake – Water is a necessity for your body to function properly. Drinking one glass of water before eating will lead to less calorie consumption. With limited water intake, even if you are just mildly dehydrated, it can cause fatigue, low energy, and headaches.  

Sunshine – A little bit can go a long way. Bright light increases serotonin which will improve your overall mood. Sunlight also helps to produce vitamin D which is essential for bone health and your immune system. Remember to wear sunscreen and put those sunglasses on! 

Sleep – The dark winter days have altered your sleep/wake schedule. It is time to get it back on track. In the winter, we have less time outside which leads to more screen time. Screen time causes your brain to be on high alert and limits your rest. In addition, exercise, caffeine, and a large meal can affect your ability to sleep soundly. Make sure you limit screen time, caffeine, and eat your last meal at least one hour before bedtime.  

Pollen – With Spring weather comes allergies, but they may not just be outside. For indoor allergens, take time to “spring clean” your home and environment. For outdoor allergens, try using a saline solution to rinse out your sinuses.  

Schedule your Routine Physical – Did you get your routine physical exam done, yet? If the answer is no, schedule that visit! 

Mental Health – Your mental health is so important to you living a full life. If you are having issues, be sure to speak to your doctor or if your health plan offers an EAP, they are also a great resource.  

If you have further questions regarding any health matters, feel free to contact Danielle Herndon, RN, CMM – VP, Health Risk Management, at

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