Capturing Your Ace of Spades



At this moment, what more does the world need than empathy, trust and respect?

If you want to make massive gains in your ability to understand and connect with others – especially those who are different from you – listen to this PSA’s Partnership webinar.

While an Army negotiator famous for extracting intelligence from one of the most brutal terror regimes in history may be an unexpected teacher of the power of listening, empathy, and trust, that’s what Eric Maddox does. In 2003, during Operation Iraqi Freedom, a deck of cards was issued to US Soldiers. Each card represented a wanted Iraqi official. At the top, was the Ace of Spades himself, President Saddam Hussein. Using his unique and highly effective system, Eric Maddox, amassed intelligence, which led to the capture of the Ace of Spades and earned him the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement

Today, he shares his technique, honed over 2,700 interrogations, which has proven to be 16x more effective than traditional methods. His empathy–based listening approach — hinged around trust as the most important element in all relationships — has shaped the future of intelligence collection, and can be put to work in your organization.

Through his riveting story, Eric will take you on a journey to discover your own Ace of Spades, and show you how to unlock massive gains in influence and deep trust with your associates and clients, through empathy–based listening. This communication approach is more relevant now than ever given the shift to more virtual communications as well as our recognition that we need to learn to hear and understand others on a deeper level.

This webinar explores:

  • Why most folks in a conversation do not hear at elite levels.
  • Distractions that prevent you from truly connecting at the deepest levels.
  • How to instantly create better connections with key relationships.
  • Turning clients and customers into champions and advocates for your organization.
  • Learn how to achieve the same levels of trust with virtual communication.