Retirement Program Consulting

PSA & PFE Group partnership

PSA transitioned its retirement plans services to The PFE Group (“PFE”), an affiliate of United Capital. PFE offers top services, technology and client experience. The PFE team gives our clients access to new processes and resources.

The transition to PFE supports what PSA has historically offered–sound investment advice and personalized client services. PFE brings a wealth of experience and resources in retirement plan advice, portfolio management guidance and access to the latest technologies and resources, and the ability to use them in strategic, innovative ways.

Since 1996, The PFE Group has been helping plan sponsors with the myriad of activities associated with operating qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Be it fiduciary oversight, plan design, or evaluation and selection of administrative vendors and investment managers, PFE has the experience and objectivity to get the job done on time and on budget. Their goal for every client is the same: an ERISA compliant plan, which provides below market cost administration and best in class investment managers. To learn more, visit


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