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  1. Most common business and personal exposures – Are you covered?

    June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day. It is a great reminder to make sure you are adequately protecting your business and your family. With changes in your business, personal life or circumstances around you, your exposures change as well. It’s a good practice to review your various coverages periodically and make necessary adjustments to […]

  2. Tips for Federal Government Contractors to Be Sure You Are Fully Leveraging Your Commercial Insurance Program
  3. What You Can Do If Your Company Has Had Poor Loss Experience
  4. What Deficiencies Are In Your Commercial Insurance Program That You Don’t Know About?

    All businesses face risks and as a business changes so do the associated risks. As a Senior Risk Advisor I cannot express enough the importance of reviewing your commercial insurance policies each year.

  5. Hard Market vs. Soft Market: The Insurance Industry’s Cycle and Why We’re Currently in a Hard Market
  6. Fun and Safety on the Water Go Hand-in-Hand