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About David Reeve

With over 30 years of experience and specialized expertise in the personal insurance field, David oversees business development and management of client services as Vice President of the Personal Insurance division. He spent the majority of his career working at two insurance brokerage firms and carriers including Prudential and CIGNA. As a result, he has a thorough understanding and first-hand experience of both the provider as well as the consumer side of the business.

Car Insurance Rates are Up — 6 strategies to keep your rates under control

David Reeve • Jan 27th, 2017

Before we get into the several ways you can mitigate the rising cost of auto insurance, let’s talk about a question I hear all the time: Why does car insurance cost more than it used to? There are a number of reasons:

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Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover You for Cyberbullying?

David Reeve • Dec 4th, 2015

Most people count on liability insurance to protect their personal assets from third party injury claims. The most common incidences include bodily injury (e.g. slips and falls on your property) and property damage (e.g. backing into someone’s fence). However, there is a less common, but emerging liability, which can have an even more serious impact on your family, and it is often not covered by your liability insurance. Many parents are not aware that they could be found legally responsible for their teen’s intentional or unwitting cyberbullying activity. Continue Reading


How to Save on Homeowners Insurance While Increasing the Protection of Your Home and Family

David Reeve • Sep 16th, 2015

In a previous blog post, Why Homeowner Rates Vary Greatly? we discussed a number of factors that affect your homeowners insurance premium, but did you know that there are also several incentives that could help you save even more money on your policy? Consider these five savings tips, which will also help protect your home and family in addition to lowering your rate. Continue Reading


Why Homeowners’ Insurance Rates Vary Greatly

David Reeve • Aug 12th, 2015

Have you ever wondered how your homeowners’ insurance rate is determined? Or why is it possible that your rate can vary so much among carriers when shopping for your policy? There are actually many factors that affect your rate, which I outline below to help you better understand what you can and cannot control to lower your premium. Continue Reading

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Don’t Let A Flash Flood Take You by Surprise: Tips to be Prepared

David Reeve • Jul 14th, 2015

Floods are the most frequent and costly national disasters that can cause significant economic losses. But did you know, that flash floods can be even more devastating? It is mostly because the speed at which water accumulates to dangerous levels can often catch unsuspecting people by surprise. Continue Reading

Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

David Reeve • Jun 17th, 2015

Is your personal information, specifically your Social Security number, safe? Tens of millions of Americans are finding out the hard way that the answer is no. Just recently, two large health insurance providers, Anthem and Premera Blue Cross, have experienced a massive data breach – 13.5 million Anthem clients and employees and 11 million Premera Blue Cross customers were affected. In both instances the attackers accessed personal and health information, including address, email, phone, Social Security number (SSN), bank account, and claims data. Anthem and Premera Blue Cross are just two of many companies whose employees’ and clients’ personal information have been stolen, which demonstrate that this can happen to anyone. Continue Reading

Avoid Winter Damage to Your Home with These 11 Steps

David Reeve • Jan 6th, 2015

Winter’s here in full force. Now is the time to take steps to winterize your home and prevent damage from freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. Consider these statistics from the Insurance Information Institute on winter-related insurance losses:  Continue Reading