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  1. Car Insurance Rates are Up — 6 strategies to keep your rates under control

    Before we get into the several ways you can mitigate the rising cost of auto insurance, let’s talk about a question I hear all the time: Why does car insurance cost more than it used to? There are a number of reasons:

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  4. How to Save on Homeowners Insurance While Increasing the Protection of Your Home and Family

    In a previous blog post, Why Homeowner Rates Vary Greatly? we discussed a number of factors that affect your homeowners insurance premium, but did you know that there are also several incentives that could help you save even more money on your policy? Consider these five savings tips, which will also help protect your home […]

  5. Why Homeowners’ Insurance Rates Vary Greatly
  6. Don’t Let A Flash Flood Take You by Surprise: Tips to be Prepared
  7. Three Ways to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

    Is your personal information, specifically your Social Security number, safe? Tens of millions of Americans are finding out the hard way that the answer is no. Just recently, two large health insurance providers, Anthem and Premera Blue Cross, have experienced a massive data breach – 13.5 million Anthem clients and employees and 11 million Premera […]

  8. Avoid Winter Damage to Your Home with These 11 Steps