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About Jeremy Brown

Jeremy serves as Senior Account Manager within PSA’s Risk Solutions Group for clients in industries such as professional services, technology, real estate, manufacturing, non-profit, alternative energy, aviation and security.

Ever been asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance?

Jeremy Brown • Jun 8th, 2017

A question I hear from clients often is “How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?” A request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) may be the most frequent interaction you have with your property and casualty broker or your insurance carrier.

If you’ve never had to obtain a COI before, here’s an overview of what a COI is and how to request one.    Continue Reading

I’m Interested in Forming a Captive Insurance Company. Where do I start?

Jeremy Brown • Feb 26th, 2016

Is your company paying a considerable premium annually to your insurance carrier, but in most years claims payments are far less than the premium? If so, a captive may be a creative way to lower your cost of risk and gain better control of managing your exposures. In this blog, I provide you with three helpful steps to evaluate whether a captive insurance company can be a cost-effective alternative for your organization. Continue Reading

To Increase or Not to Increase Your Deductible? How to Optimize Your Company’s Insurance Purchase

Jeremy Brown • Aug 19th, 2015

I often see, especially during annual policy renewals, clients struggling with making a decision whether to increase their insurance deductible. This is a common dilemma that companies of all sizes across all industries face. In this post, I discuss an example, which can help you evaluate whether increasing your deductible would translate to cost savings for your company. Continue Reading

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