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  1. David Reeve Representing Clients and the Community as an Insurance Broker and Fellow Man

    As an organization focused on giving back, PSA encourages employees to nominate a non-profit organization of their choice to be considered as the recipient of PSA employee charitable fund donations. A different employee-nominated nonprofit is awarded these funds on a quarterly basis.   This 2020 fourth quarter recipient of the funds is the Men and Families Center in Baltimore, nominated by David Reeve, PSA’s Vice President of Personal Insurance.  […]

  2. Volunteering With Young Adults With Disabilities Is My Jam

    Commitment to serving others is paramount at PSA. To close out a year that has shown us all the importance of community and compassion, we would like to spotlight PSA employee Brandon Younkin, one of our Employee Benefits consultants, and his gusto for volunteering and serving those around him in honor of international volunteer day.   

  3. Eight Secrets for Building Employee Benefits Communications Your Employees Want to Read

    Despite the massive time and dollar investments in employee benefit plans, surveys show employers are not getting the mileage out of their offerings. The reason? Employers often drop the ball when it comes to properly branding and explaining the benefits via employee benefit communications, which results in a lack of employee appreciation for and understanding […]

  4. Employee Communication Matters with High-Deductible Health Plans

    Change doesn’t come easily. When implementing a change in your benefits program, you have to communicate with your employees early and often. You also have to explain the reasons for the change and show your team how they will benefit from it. If your employees don’t understand their benefits, they’re likely not enrolling and using […]