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About Valerie Corekin

Valerie Corekin, CPCU, ARM, joined the PSA Risk Solutions Group in October 2010 as a Senior Risk Advisor specializing in middle market business. She has particularly extensive experience servicing the needs of clients in the technology, commercial real estate and manufacturing industries. Valerie has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry. Before joining PSA, Valerie was the Director of Commercial Insurance at Long & Foster Insurance. She has held leadership roles in several other organizations as well.

Are you protected from technology related losses? Your Commercial General Liability is no longer enough

Valerie Corekin • Sep 25th, 2015

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance used to be sufficient to protect a business from most major potential claims and lawsuits. Today, with the prevalent use of technology and electronic information, it is no longer the case. In this post, I analyze a court decision concerning a physical loss of IBM’s electronic data to demonstrate why you cannot solely rely on CGL insurance, and why more companies are starting to consider additional types of insurance for comprehensive protection. But, first let me define CGL and data loss. Continue Reading


Protect Your Data and Your Business with Cyber Insurance

Valerie Corekin • Jan 21st, 2014

The insurance industry knows how to cover your business’ physical assets – desks, chairs, specialty machinery, paper files – but has fewer standards in place for how to cover damages and losses that pertain to data.  Continue Reading

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What Deficiencies Are In Your Commercial Insurance Program That You Don’t Know About?

Valerie Corekin • Jul 23rd, 2013

All businesses face risks and as a business changes so do the associated risks. As a Senior Risk Advisor I cannot express enough the importance of reviewing your commercial insurance policies each year. Continue Reading

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Biggest Change to Workers Compensation Pricing in 20 Years

Valerie Corekin • Dec 18th, 2012

The way workers’ compensation is priced is about to change dramatically. This is the largest sweeping change in the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)’s Experience Modification Rate (EMR) or often referred to as MOD rate formula to occur in 20 years. Beginning January 1, 2013, in the 36 NCCI states, businesses experiencing worker’s compensation claims should expect to see significant changes in their individual experience rate driven by their past workers’ compensation claims. Even states not participating in NCCI on a direct basis are implementing changes that mirror many of the NCCI’s. READ: Employers who have incurred higher losses in the past will pay more in the future. Continue Reading

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