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About Will Kelly

For more than 10 years, Will has been focused on new business development and caring for the needs of high net worth individuals and families. Will is involved in the day to day management decisions of the United Capital office in Buffalo with a primary focus on Sales & Marketing.

Retirement Planning: Focusing on the Factors You Can Control

Will Kelly • Aug 12th, 2016

This post was authored by Will Kelly, Managing Director, at our partner company United Capital Management.

The financial services industry tends to focus consumers on the wrong things. Here are a few bits of truth:

  • Your personal financial goals are not directly tied to how XYZ Fund performs against the S&P 500 on a particular day.
  • Your lifestyle in retirement will not be dramatically affected one way or another based on choosing the latest and greatest fancy proprietary investment instrument.
  • There’s little discernible difference between investments of a given asset class.

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