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  1. Shackleton’s Leadership Lessons from the Bottom of the World

    In 1914, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton and his crew of 28 men set off for Antarctica to become the first people to ever cross the continent via the South Pole. He led the explorers on what is considered one of the greatest undertakings and leadership stories in recorded history. He called his expedition “The Imperial […]

  2. Work-Life Balance is a Myth — Instead, Find Work-Life Bliss

    The day author and speaker Deirdre Maloney was interviewed on TV about a blog she wrote, she couldn’t get past what she saw on the screen — and how she felt afterward.

  3. From the Inside Out: Becoming a Transformational Leader

    When Joe Ehrmann, who played eight seasons as a defensive lineman with the Baltimore Colts in the 1970s, looked back over his years of experience playing football, he realized he’d had two distinct types of coaches: transactional and transformational. “You either transact with people for your own personal needs, or you invest in the lives […]

  4. How the ACA and FLSA Will Impact Your Company

    For everyone who works in human resources, 2016 has been another year of change, thanks to increased requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and new rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act. At a recent PSA Partnership Seminar, held at PSA headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland, two experts shared their insights to help HR […]

  5. Stew Friedman Says Work-Life Balance is a Myth

    “Balance,” Stew Friedman told the crowd at a recent PSA Partnership event, “is bunk.”

  6. The Invisibles: Workplace Success in Anonymity

    PSA’s recent Partnership program speaker David Zweig drew inspiration for his book Invisibles from an early job he held as a fact-checker at Vogue magazine. He liked the job, meticulously verifying the details in each article, catching errors before they went to print. But Zweig also noticed something interesting about his work that seemed to […]

  7. Leading Through Crisis

      Rob Weinhold, founder and CEO of the Fallston Group, an executive advisory firm focused on reputation management, led one of our recent PSA Partnership events.

  8. PSA’s Partnership Program – 50th Partner Event

    At PSA we constantly strive to find ways to better serve our clients, above and beyond the worlds of insurance and financial services. When the economy was at its worst, during the Great Recession, we asked ourselves, how could we be an ally in helping our clients manage their businesses to weather the storm?  From […]

  9. Taking Out Your Head Trash: Secrets of Top Performers

    Managers know these two types of employees well: those who never seem to live up to their potential and those who hit the ball out of the park one day and are less-than-stellar the next. Have you stopped to wonder why someone on your team has such highs and lows? Or why it’s impossible to […]