Customized Employee Communications

Employees drowning in a sea of Insurance-ese?

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Easing HR Administration and Managing Employee Experience

So many HR professionals have to “make do” with confusing and unclear communications materials, which are usually just forwarded from carrier websites by their brokers. Employees are left feeling unsure of their options, and HR professionals are embarrassed by the low quality of the communications. They work all year to provide great plans to their organization and the employee touch points look terrible!

Education is a key to loyalty. Employees who find their benefits communications effective are more than twice as likely to say they are very loyal to their company.

Despite the massive time and dollar investments behind employee benefit programs, surveys show employers are not getting the “mileage” out of their benefit plans in terms of employee appreciation. The reason? Employers drop the ball when it comes to branding and explaining the benefits.

It is essential to give employees the right HR tools and resources. After all, clear, consistent and strategic messaging is a valuable business tool that simplifies HR administration and helps employees make more informed benefits choices, which can pay off in the form of greater loyalty.

  • Branded Employee Communication and Education

    Successful benefits enrollment starts with communication that is clear and easy to access. We provide customized materials to include:

    • Interactive online benefit guides
    • On-demand presentations that can be accessed anywhere, anytime
    • Turnkey educational videos on a number of wellness and benefit topics
  • On-Demand Video Library at Your Employees’ Fingertips

    Our video library houses content that delivers clear, consistent explanations of different employee benefits concepts, such as understanding deductibles and coinsurance, ways to save money on health care, understanding open enrollment and when to make changes, as well as a variety of other topics.

PSA Pro Tip

Nail Your High-Deductible Plan Roll Out

High-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) can be a great plan design for both employers and employees, BUT can be confusing. Learn how to do it right with a smart communication strategy.

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