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Employee Education

An effective employee education program will not only strengthen the benefits of your current retirement plan, but also meet fiduciary guidelines.

The partnership between PSA’s Fiduciary Consulting Group and The PFE Group brings together leading specialties and processes in retirement planning along with greater resources and keen industry insight — all to help deliver exceptional client services and experiences.

We have a dedicated team of professionals that can implement a delivery format most suitable to the needs of your employees and custom-tailor the message of most interest to them. An effective employee education program will not only strengthen the benefits of your current retirement plan, but also meet fiduciary guidelines. We are able to provide on-site one-on-one counseling on retirement plan savings adequacy and asset allocation advice from one of our Registered Investment Advisors. In addition, we host monthly webinars and educational workshops, along with customized education and communication materials.

We want your employees to have the money they need for a prosperous retirement, and we know that their understanding of investment options in their plan is essential to reaching that goal, as well as having a realistic retirement outlook. Our annual clarity report, along with financial wellness coaching, enables your employees to enjoy the comfort of knowing their retirement goals are being met. Our flexibility allows us to partner with you and create a participant education program that will be most effective and beneficial for your employees.

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