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Investment Consulting

The goal of our investment consulting process is to protect fiduciaries and identify optimal investment opportunities for our clients and their employees.

The partnership between PSA’s Fiduciary Consulting Group and The PFE Group brings together leading specialties and processes in retirement planning along with greater resources and keen industry insight — all to help deliver exceptional client services and experiences.

The goal of our investment consulting process is to protect fiduciaries and identify optimal investment opportunities for our clients and their employees. Our proprietary Scorecard system provides a proven process to monitor and evaluate fund managers and investment strategies.

We work with you in developing and refining your investment objectives and Investment Policy Statement to help minimize your liabilities and create an optimal investment lineup for the plan and, in turn, the plan participants. One of the more important tasks in creating an investment lineup is to identify investment managers who consistently meet their fund’s objectives. Our manager selection process utilizes a quantitative model to rank investment managers within their respective categories. We complement that process with an in-depth and comprehensive qualitative review. PSA adheres to thorough fiduciary practices throughout our detailed approach to investment manager search, selection, and monitoring by our internal investment committee.

Whatever your retirement plan needs, we have the investment team and plan knowledge to help support all of your objectives.

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