The Science of Trust: How Great Communicators Connect



What if you understood the science behind trust? What if you had a better understanding of the biology of change resistance and could use your authentic communication superpower to be a more influential communicator in any setting? 

As a former biotech executive, farm boy, and cancer survivor, Jeff Bloomfield will use his inspiring style and compelling life story to teach you ways to communicate with more purpose, power, and impact. 

With his unique background and knowledge of neuroscience and how it impacts the way our corporate world communicates, Jeff found that the most influential communicators in the world all have one thing in common. Whether it’s intuitive or intentional, great communicators deliver the right information, the right way and in the right order…and this makes all the difference in the world. 

Do not miss this captivating presentation as Jeff will teach you:  

  • The science behind the two types of trust, change resistance and how to communicate in a way that drives positive impact both inside and outside of your organization 
  • How to deliver the right information, the right way and in the right order to maximize your impact with others 
  • The psychology that drives urgency to take action 
  • How to effectively communicate with customers and teammates in a more effective and productive way 
  • How to use “situational fluency” to navigate conversations and help facilitate change 
  • The latest research in the brain “networks” that have direct impact on your success as a communicator 




About Jeff

After being the first person in his blue-collar family to graduate from college, Jeff spent his corporate career in Biotechnology where he led several product launches for genetic cancer therapies. One of those therapies was for brain cancer.

It was here that Jeff discovered the power of neuroscience and the fact that no one he knew in corporate America really understood how the brain worked, otherwise they wouldn’t do sales and marketing and coaching the way it was currently being done.

From there Jeff set out with a new mission, to teach others what he learned about the brain and how they can apply that information as professional communicators, particularly in leadership, sales, and marketing.

Jeff now spends the majority of his time speaking to organizations and conferences on the secrets of the buying brain and how to build and deliver compelling messaging that creates instant trust, clear contrast and an urgency to change.

Jeff’s most recent book, NeuroSelling® vaulted to best seller status in the first week it was released. Regardless of whether you are in leadership, sales or marketing, Jeff’s message will not only resonate, but leave you with an entirely new set of tools in your communication toolbox.


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