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PSA & United Capital

PSA has entered into a transaction that may potentially be beneficial to both wealth management and retirement plan clients. PSA has entered into an agreement to transition its wealth management practice to United Capital Financial Advisers (“United Capital”) and its retirement plans services to The PFE Group (“PFE”), an affiliate of United Capital. We believe United Capital and PFE offer top services, technology and client experience.  The United Capital/PFE team will give our clients access to new processes and resources.

Wealth Management

Our partnership with United Capital Financial Advisers, LLC (“United Capital”) expands our historical wealth management capabilities in significant ways. With close to 75 offices across the United States, United Capital and its team of professionals manage more than $15 billion of assets and bring to the table a full suite of wealth management services, fine-tuned over many years in an effort to meet client objectives.

As we make the transition, our Wealth Management division will transition to United Capital, a non-affiliated company to PSA Financial. The former advisers at PSA will transition to be employees of United Capital, and will be supported by United Capital’s management team. This change will allow the former advisors of PSA to spend less time on the administrative side of their business and more time interacting directly with clients.

Retirement Plan Services

In 2014, PSA’s Fiduciary Consulting Group began working with The PFE Group (“PFE”), a retirement plan consulting firm and affiliate of United Capital. We are now formalizing our partnership with the group that has been helping our client services offering for the better part of a year. We will be transitioning our retirement plan services group clients to PFE, along with the PSA support staff that has historically serviced our retirement plan clients.

The transition to PFE supports what PSA has historically offered, sound investment advice and personalized client services. PFE brings deep resources in retirement plan advice, portfolio management guidance and access to the latest technologies and resources, and the ability to use them in strategic, innovative ways.

Since 1996, The PFE Group has been helping plan sponsors with the myriad of activities associated with operating qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Be it fiduciary oversight, plan design, or evaluation and selection of administrative vendors and investment managers, PFE has the in-depth experience and objectivity to get the job done on time and on budget. Their goal for every client is the same: an ERISA compliant plan, which provides below market cost administration and best in class investment managers. To learn more, visit www.pfegroup.com.


How will the changes affect me?

While PSA’s wealth management and retirement plan practices will transition to United Capital Financial Advisers (“United Capital”) and The PFE Group (“PFE”), the same team of people our clients have come to know and rely on will continue to service them in the future, as employees of United Capital and PFE.  Advisory fees will not change, and client money will not be moved anywhere.

Who will make investment allocation decisions?

The team that has historically made investment decisions will expand, with immediate access to additional expertise that United Capital and PFE currently have in place.

Do I need to reach out to anyone or take any steps?

The transition involves very little for our clients to do. There will be some paperwork to sign, but accounts, statements, and account numbers will be unchanged and continue as before.

Where will the office be located?

Our office will continue to be located at PSA’s headquarters in Hunt Valley, MD. United Capital and PFE will be taking space in PSA’s headquarters to service the retirement plan and wealth management business.

What about PSA’s other business lines?

This partnership provides an opportunity for PSA to elevate the quality and caliber of resources brought to clients and to re-invest in our core business lines. The continued group of our Employee Benefits, Risk Management and Personal Lines practices will continue to be our focus going forward.  In fact, this partnership will offer an opportunity for PSA to offer its services to an expansive United Capital/PFE client base as a preferred provider of insurance consulting services.

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