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Cyber Risk Management for Small to Medium Businesses

Cyber risk management is more than antivirus and basic network defenses. Unfortunately, for most small and medium sized businesses, doing much more than that is time and cost prohibitive.

PSA created several affordable solutions to help you identify your cyber risks, protect your business against likely threats, and respond when something goes wrong. Each option also includes essential cyber insurance coverage, which acts as a backstop for your business in today’s evolving and unpredictable environment.

We offer flexible solutions to fit your needs, help you better understand your risks, and protect your business.

Plan prices shown are designed for businesses with less than $5 million in revenue. These plans can be further customized for your organization’s needs.

Need more information on what each plan includes?

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Service options include:

Know Your Risks – With a non-intrusive, external scan, we can help you pinpoint your risks and estimate the potential costs of an incident in one, comprehensive, easy-to-read report.

Insure – We’ll simplify buying cyber insurance by explaining what coverage is available for your business and provide you with a flat-rate, competitive cyber policy.

Prepare to Respond – It is not ideal to meet your incident response providers for the first time during the chaos of a cyber event. For that reason, we include one free hour of consultation with a Data Breach attorney, Cyber Forensics expert and a Crisis Communication professional. This helps you start preparing your incident response strategy with important providers that have been pre-approved by the cyber insurance carrier participating in this program.

Protect Your Assets – For many small and medium sized businesses, buying cybersecurity equipment, keeping it up-to-date, and managing it is not always affordable. To help make network protection easier, two of our packages offer exclusive access to enterprise-grade cloud-based “firewall anywhere” protection, which is cost-effective, flexible, and simple to manage. Packages include licenses for up to eight users. Additional licenses can be purchased as needed.

Test Your Controls – A holistic cyber risk management plan also requires ongoing testing to find gaps and vulnerabilities in your defenses before cyber criminals do. We make that easy with a packaged service managed by seasoned cybersecurity professionals and penetration testers.