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Investing in People.

Protecting Client Assets.

Partnering for Growth.

PSA is
Investing in People.

Employee Benefits

If you view your employees to be your greatest asset, let us show you how to maximize your returns. Attract and Retain Top Talent, Control Costs and Stay Compliant with PSA.

HR Consulting

Extend and support your Human Resources team with our people, process and tools. As much or as little help as you need with special projects, hands-on support and technology expertise.

Commercial Insurance

Take control of your risk with PSA at your side. Wide market access and experienced teams on a mission to help you control insurance costs and prevent claims.

Personal Insurance

Your family, home and possessions — there’s a lot on the line. Our insurance specialists are dedicated to helping you feel confident in your protection.

  1. Protect and Fortify Your Manufacturing Business in Light of the U.S. Economic Forecast

    PSA recently hosted a seminar and panel discussion in partnership with the Regional Manufacturing Institute of Maryland (RMI) at which expert economist Anirban Basu discussed the future of Maryland manufacturing as it relates to the state of the U.S. economy. In 2019, and against all odds, the U.S. economy experienced low inflation levels and low […]

  2. in good health

    PSA in Good Health February Tips

    Cold weather and darker days got you down? A case of the winter blues can be normal, but if you or someone you know is experiencing mood changes and depression, it could be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to learn more about SAD, it’s symptoms, and treatments. For […]

  3. health and welfare

    Health & Welfare Benefit Plan Updates for 2020 (Benefit Minute)

    Set forth below are some recent updates as we begin 2020.