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Investing in People.

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Partnering for Growth.

PSA is
Investing in People.

Employee Benefits

If you view your employees to be your greatest asset, let us show you how to maximize your returns. Attract and Retain Top Talent, Control Costs and Stay Compliant with PSA.

HR Consulting

Extend and support your Human Resources team with our people, process and tools. As much or as little help as you need with special projects, hands-on support and technology expertise.

Commercial Insurance

Take control of your risk with PSA at your side. Wide market access and experienced teams on a mission to help you control insurance costs and prevent claims.

Personal Insurance

Your family, home and possessions — there’s a lot on the line. Our insurance specialists are dedicated to helping you feel confident in your protection.

  1. in good health

    PSA In Good Health January 2022 Tips

    NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! In the current COVID-19/influenza landscape, many of us are concerned and scared to become ill. Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to learn several natural ways to boost your immune system and help your body fight off illness.

  2. Benefit New Image

    OTC Covid Rapid Tests Now Covered by Health Insurance (Benefit Minute)

    The Departments of Labor, HHS and Treasury have issued FAQs that address insurance and group health plan coverage that is required under the FFCRA and the CARES Act for OTC Covid rapid tests. OTC Covid rapid tests are those that can be self-administered and self-read at home without the involvement of a health care provider. […]

  3. Understand Employee Benefits Broker Fees to Control Your Benefits Costs

    Are you frustrated by increasing employee benefits costs? If so, you might want to start paying closer attention to what you are paying for in your benefits plan. Of course, rates can increase for many reasons, but it is important to understand how your employee benefits broker is compensated due to the financial impact it can have on your benefits plan. Specifically, if you know you could be […]