PSA Partnership

The difference between a vendor and a partner

A Commitment to Partnership

There is a difference between a partner and a vendor.

At PSA, our number one priority has always been our clients. We strive to foster a relationship where you view us as a partner, rather than just a vendor or broker. Accordingly, you can count on us to not only provide advice and advocacy in the realms of insurance and financial services, but also to become an ally that is there to support you as you grow and manage your business.

With this mission in mind, we have built the PSA Partnership Program to have a direct, positive impact on your business — adding immediate value and helping your business succeed.

We encourage you to take advantage of the special suite of FREE benefits we’ve assembled:

  • Seminar/Webinar series, featuring the country’s top business speakers
  • Networking opportunities with 150+ local business leaders
  • Free use of our 200 person conference facility for a business function

Please contact your Account Executive for eligibility.

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