Cyber and Tech E&O Insurance

The bedrock of your technology business’ insurance program

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Most technology companies are generally underserved by traditional insurance brokers that do not specialize in Cyber and Tech E&O insurance coverages. This limits tech company’s ability to innovate and better serve their clients. If you have this experience as a tech company, we have good news for you.

PSA’s Tech practice offers the attention you deserve and the insurance solutions specifically designed for your business needs. We believe Technology Errors & Omissions insurance and Cyber coverage combined should be the bedrock of your risk management program for your ultimate protection.

Why do we strongly recommend including Cyber coverage in your Tech E&O insurance policy? Because typically every cyber incident generates expenses that only a good Cyber policy can cover – not traditional E&O, or General Liability policies.

Unfortunately, many insurance brokers fail to understand the importance of and how to integrate Technology E&O insurance with Cyber coverage for your streamlined protection.

Why Partner with PSA Tech?

Dedicated Team

We find that the insurance requirements and nuances in policies can be quite complex for the tech industry. Hence, we have dedicated a separate practice, led by a Cyber and Tech E&O insurance specialist, as well as tailored processes to support the unique insurance needs of your tech business. With us, you’ll receive better customer experience and customized support regardless of your business size.

Specialized Expertise

Being in the hub of a diverse commercial and government contracting tech business ecosystem in the Baltimore/Washington region, we have gained extensive experience working with a variety of technology companies in all stages of their development. The PSA Tech team combines technology industry experiences with E&O and Cyber insurance expertise to deliver consistent, streamlined and high-quality services designed specifically for your technology operation.

In addition to a strong background in technology related insurance, our team is also well-versed and experienced in other lines of commercial insurance coverage that your business may need.

How to Buy the Right E&O and Cyber Coverage for Your Technology Business

Tech Errors & Omissions and Cyber coverages are a “must have” to do business these days. However, choosing the right policy that will actually protect your technology operation and won’t cost you an arm and a leg isn’t easy. Download our guide to help you navigate the insurance market and select the best policy you need.

Highlights of Our Approach

  • Review

    We offer an initial insurance program review and gap analysis to help make sure you are comfortable with your current coverages and limits as well as you are aware of any potential exposures. In addition to the insurance program snapshot, we also deliver an in-depth Tech E&O coverage and Cyber Insurance gap analysis to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Recommendation

    Prior to offering recommendations on coverage selection, we provide a detailed analysis of Cyber and Tech E&O insurance options to help you make informed decisions.

  • Contractual Guidance

    While we are not attorneys, we do have experience reviewing insurance related contract language to help you map coverage to requirements or identify areas that may not be insurable.

  • Ongoing Communication

    Keeping you informed is important to us, which is why we communicate regularly. We also schedule virtual or in-person meetings with you at least 3 times a year – at policy renewal, in the middle of the policy year and prior to renewal again – to make sure we bring you innovative solutions and ensure your coverage is keeping pace with your emerging exposures.

  • Dedicated Partner

    PSA is a partner, not a vendor. We go beyond selling insurance by actively engaging in the technology community and providing additional support, guidance and resources through our free educational Partnership Event series, networking opportunities and facilitating introductions to our wide network of partners.