Risk and Safety Management Services

Workplace safety saves people, money and time.

Our risk and safety management services aim to prevent employee injuries, protect your properties, minimize business interruption, prevent fleet collisions and protect you from liability claims. With our methods, resources and expertise, our clients achieve significant results—to date we have helped save millions of dollars and prevented numerous injuries.

At PSA, our risk and safety management services have the capabilities of mega-brokers, but unlike our publicly-traded counterparts, you’ll actually see our safety specialists in person. If you like the idea of a safety specialist who will put your best interests first, come to your facility, meet your people and get to know your operations, we do just that. We realize that it only takes a single, large loss to blemish your loss experience and hurt your credibility with insurers. Therefore, we monitor both our results and your satisfaction throughout the year to make any necessary risk management service adjustments.

Our Risk and Safety Management Services team stays abreast of new developments regarding risk control and workplace safety by monitoring the marketplace for the latest technologies and best-practices, especially regarding engineering controls for risk exposures, which are constantly evolving.

Did you know?

PSA’s VP of Risk and Safety Management was one of five people nationwide in 2017 to receive the Distinguished Service to Safety award.

Safety Consultants Devoted to Your Success

Our experts can assist you with developing and implementing a safety and risk management process or improving your existing programs to prevent losses and improve your organization’s risk profile for underwriting. Our risk and safety management services include:

  • Safety Assessments
  • Loss Trend Analysis
  • Exposure Analysis and Control
  • Site Safety Analysis
  • Design and Implementation of Safety Management Systems
  • Safety and Health Processes
  • OSHA Compliance/Defense
  • Acquisition Due Diligence

On-Site Education

We can offer the following trainings delivered at your facilities:

  • Fleet Safety
  • Fall Protection
  • First Aid
  • High-Risk Tasks
  • Emergency Planning
  • Tragedy Response

On-Demand Education

Workplace safety is not a “set it and forget it” solution. We help you keep safety top-of-mind and relevant for your managers and crews through fresh and original bulletins, guides, videos and webinars.

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