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  • Image of a person using an iPad that reads, "Benchmarking"

    The "Why" & "How" of Compensation Benchmarking

    One way to make your business stand out from the sea of companies trying to hire is to offer competitive pay. But how do you know what is competitive? You need compensation benchmarking! Download this ebook to learn what compensation benchmarking is, how it benefits your business, and how to create a benchmarking report.

  • The letters HRIS on a laptop screen on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    A Survival Guide to Choosing the Right HRIS System

    Looking for the right HRIS platform to integrate your payroll, benefits, and employee databases? Don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Download this ebook to help you understand your options, create a vetting process and avoid common pitfalls in selecting the right HRIS vendor.

  • HR graphic on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Top 25 Mistakes HR Professionals Make

    From interviewing and hiring top talent to managing benefits and payroll, HR departments must keep track of countless forms, processes, regulations, and communications. Just one mistake — no matter how small — can cost companies talented employees, valuable time and thousands of dollars. Download our ebook to avoid the top 25 mistakes HR departments often make.

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    Sample Interview Questions

    Conducting an interview without proper planning can lead to significant pitfalls. Considering that a bad hire can cost, on average, at least one-third of that position’s first-year wages, it’s vital to avoid that mistake. To ensure your hiring process is successful, check out our Sample Interview Questions guide.

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    Transitioning From Cash-In-Lieu

    Under the ACA, all large employers are required to offer employees with a valuable and affordable insurance program or pay a hefty, non-tax deductible fine. Although this change from cash in employee’s pockets to a benefits program makes good business sense, communicating it to employees can be difficult as most may see it as a reduction in pay.


  • Essential & Cost-Effective Cybersecurity Measures All Small & Mid-Size Businesses Should Have

    Most insurance companies are now requiring certain cybersecurity measures to be implemented before businesses can qualify for Cyber insurance. This ebook will help you implement the essential and cost-effective protection measures that all small and mid-size businesses should have.

  • How to Buy the Right Tech E&O and Cyber Coverage for Your Tech Business

    Tech Errors & Omissions and Cyber coverages are a “must have” to do business these days. However, choosing the right policy that will actually protect your technology operation and won’t cost you an arm and a leg isn’t easy. Download our ebook to help you make a more informed decision in selecting the Tech E&O and Cyber policy.

  • Image of a person driving a large vehicle on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Elevate Your Fleet Safety with Telematics

    Want to reduce the liability and costs of your business’s fleet safety management? If so, this ebook can help you understand how Telematics works and provide you steps to incorporate Telematics in your safety procedures.

  • Image of a thermometer on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Heat Illness Prevention

    Every year, thousands of workers in the United States get sick from exposure to heat on the job, and many die. These illnesses and deaths can be prevented. This guide will help you prevent employee heat-related exposures and claims.

  • Warehouse image on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Preparing for an Insurance Carrier Loss Control Visit

    Your insurance carrier calls to let you know they would like to perform a loss control visit. What do you do? This guide will help you prepare to make a favorable impression, which can have significant impact on the cost of your insurance.

  • Image of a space heater on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Portable Space Heaters in the Workplace

    You may need to determine whether to allow your employees to use portable space heaters in the workplace. Manage your risk and avoid fines and fires with this ebook, which can help you determine how to approach space heater use for your particular organization.

  • Woman signing a sign in sheet with her keys and ID card on the clip board on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Best Practices for Vehicle Rentals

    A good risk management safety program requires proper screening of prospective renters to ensure that only qualified drivers operate your vehicles. Implement sound practices at the rental counter to maintaining the safety and condition of your fleet of vehicles. This ebook can help you learn about proper rental procedures, policies for international and for-hire drivers, renting vehicles with hand controls and more.

  • Business woman in a powered chair outside of her mini van on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    ADA Risk Management Best Practices

    These risk management best practices for wheelchair accessible vehicle dealers will help you develop (or refine) your own policies, procedures and programs to better serve your customers and reduce the likelihood of accidents, injuries, property damage and business interruption.

  • Older person overing their face with their hands on PSA Insurance & Financial Services' website

    Abuse and Molestation Prevention FAQ for Non-Profit Organizations

    As a non-profit organization that may work with a vulnerable population, an abuse or molestation accusation can be extremely costly and taint your reputation. PSA has developed the following Abuse and Molestation Prevention FAQ to help prevent these very difficult cases.

  • Image of a group of employees collaborating

    Employee Dishonesty Prevention Ebook

    As a business owner, you could be vulnerable to employee dishonesty and may not have the appropriate anti-theft controls in place. PSA has developed the following Employee Dishonesty Prevention Guide to help prevent these cases and protect your company.