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  1. It Can Happen to You: Why Workplace Violence Insurance is the “New Normal”

    The Capital Gazette, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, the Colorado Cinemark—active shooting incidents are becoming more frequent every year. In 2017 alone there were 346 mass shootings in the United States, compared to 270 in 2014. And as of July 31 of this year, we’ve had 202 incidents.

  2. Taxable & Nontaxable Fringe Benefits: A Refresher (Benefit Minute)
  3. PSA on Wheelz
  4. Hard Hats and Firewalls: The Surprising Linkage between Cyber Risk Management and Workplace Safety (Part II)

    As mentioned in the first installment of this blog series, cyber risk management has become a mission-critical activity for a long-term viability of any organization, which should be driven by leadership and involve all technology users. But often, building and implementing a cyber risk management strategy is quite challenging for non-technical executives. To help, in […]

  5. Hard Hats and Firewalls: The Surprising Linkage Between Cyber Risk Management and Workplace Safety (Part I)
  6. DOL Expands Association Health Plans (Benefit Minute)
  7. Medical management: Strategies for employers to manage health insurance cost

    A New England Journal of Medicine study found that health care in the United States is only 54 percent efficient for chronic, emergent, and preventive care. Such inefficiencies are just one example of why Americans continue to pay more for health care than people in other wealthy, Western countries. Medical management can be an effective […]

  8. Fire sprinkler + flaming cheese = water damage: Lessons from a restaurant’s mishap
  9. New looks. New features. Redesigned PSA website.