PSA Perspective

  1. Not #YouToo —Preventing Workplace Harassment (Part II)

    As a follow-up to our blog regarding measures preventing workplace harassment, we’ve teamed up again with employment attorney at Offit Kurman PA, Howard Kurman, to share best practices to address workplace harassment when precautionary measures aren’t enough. Howard is frequently retained by companies to conduct objective workplace investigations encompassing a range of issues including workplace […]

  2. PSA’s Cyber Specialist, Mike Volk Re-Appointed to Serve on CAMI Board of Directors and Appointed to Serve on Executive Committee
  3. PSA in Good Health December Tips
  4. Outlook for Healthcare Legislation and Regulation After the 2018 Midterm Election (Benefit Minute)

    Healthcare was the hot topic in the 2018 midterm election as exit polls showed that approximately 40% of voters ranked it as the most important issue.  On this issue, Democrats held the advantage which allowed them to gain control of the House of Representatives by a margin of 234 to 200 (one seat still undecided).  […]

  5. PSA is Doing Good. Better. The Ripple Effects of Strategic Volunteering
  6. What’s the Best That Could Happen? Michelle Poler on How to Live Life Without Fear
  7. A Salute to Veteran-Owned Businesses and How You Can Take a Page out of Their Action Plan

    As a Marine, who is now living a civilian life, I guess it’s natural that I’ve always been drawn to military-focused events, charities and causes. I enjoy spending time with and learning about other service men and women, and in my professional life today, I gravitate toward working with veteran-owned businesses. In working with business […]

  8. PSA in Good Health November Tips
  9. Overview of Medicare Secondary Payer Provisions (Benefit Minute)