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Game of Stones: Examining the Foundational Elements of Effective Negotiation

Justin Hoffman • Aug 10th, 2017

According to Mark Jankowski, founder of Amplified Learning, effective negotiation requires three things: attitude, tools, and skills.

“You can have any one, or even two of those things, but if you don’t put them all together, you won’t be effective,” he said at a recent PSA Partnership Event, “Game of Stones.”

Where did he first learn this lesson? Ten thousand feet in the air, as he was jumping out of a plane. Continue Reading

Don’t let interview bias and other missteps lead to a bad hire

Randall Singer • Aug 3rd, 2017

When you are recruiting for an open position at your company, you want to hire someone who will succeed in the role. But that’s not always what actually happens. Often, interviewers are drawn to the people they relate to or simply like the most, rather than the candidates who are the most qualified.

While that can help foster workplace friendships and build a close-knit culture, it doesn’t always result in successful performance.  Continue Reading

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HIPAA and the Cloud (Benefit Minute)

Tina Bull • Jul 27th, 2017

Cloud computing allows convenient on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources (such as networks, servers, storage and applications) that can be rapidly supplied and used with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.   The computing resources are pooled to serve multiple customers and can be scaled to meet changes in demand.  Continue Reading


From the Archives

A Snapshot of Today’s Most Prevalent Cyber Threats for the Non-Technical Executive, Part 2

In a recent blog post, we shared two prevalent cyber risks that your organization should be aware of — phishing and malware. Of course, those aren’t the only two threats you face when using technology or handling electronic data. This blog post provides an overview of two additional cyber threats to help you build a […]

A Snapshot of Today’s Most Prevalent Cyber Threats for the Non-Technical Executive, Part 1

Keeping up with the ever-changing cyber threat landscape is essential for making smart decisions about cyber risk management. For many leaders, combing through the constant stream of information can be challenging and time consuming. A good approach to sort through the intimidating amount of information is to set a simple, achievable goal of dedicating time […]

Compliance Updates (Benefit Minute)

This issue provides a summary of recent regulatory, judicial and legislative activity.

Wacky facts about insurance

In the spirit of the national insurance awareness day, we compiled seven interesting and possibly useless facts for your enjoyment. We hope you find these as amusing as we did.

5 Ways Cyber Insurance Can Help Your Physician’s Practice Manage Cyber Risk

Did you know? To date, in 2017 there have been 133 reported data breaches in the healthcare industry – on average 17,849 records breached per incident. The Ponemon Institute estimates the cost per lost or stolen healthcare record to be about $400. This does not include fines and penalties, which can further increase the cost. […]

Ever been asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance?

A question I hear from clients often is “How do I get a Certificate of Insurance?” A request for a Certificate of Insurance (COI) may be the most frequent interaction you have with your property and casualty broker or your insurance carrier. If you’ve never had to obtain a COI before, here’s an overview of […]