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  1. It Can Happen to You: Why Workplace Violence Insurance is the “New Normal”

    The Capital Gazette, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, the Colorado Cinemark—active shooting incidents are becoming more frequent every year. In 2017 alone there were 346 mass shootings in the United States, compared to 270 in 2014. And as of July 31 of this year, we’ve had 202 incidents.

  2. Hard Hats and Firewalls: The Surprising Linkage between Cyber Risk Management and Workplace Safety (Part II)
  3. Hard Hats and Firewalls: The Surprising Linkage Between Cyber Risk Management and Workplace Safety (Part I)
  4. Fire sprinkler + flaming cheese = water damage: Lessons from a restaurant’s mishap

    A fire sprinkler, as this recent viral video shows, is an effective fire safety tool—but it can be unintentionally discharged when it is accidentally set off by friendly fire or a fire sprinkler head is struck or sheared off by a person or equipment.

  5. DFARS Clause 7012 and You
  6. Cyber Insurance: Your Backstop in Your Cyber Incident Response
  7. Launching Your Cyber Risk Review

    Businesses tend to focus most on purchasing the latest technology to protect against cyber threats without fully understanding their organizational exposures. While technology is critical, it should only be a part of a holistic cyber resiliency strategy. A good place to begin for many leaders is to establish a fundamental understanding of cyber risk, how […]

  8. Demystifying Cyber Risk: Executives, champion your cyber risk management
  9. A Snapshot of Today’s Most Prevalent Cyber Threats for the Non-Technical Executive, Part 2