Posts in Employee Benefits

  1. IRS Extends Deadline to Provide Forms 1095-B and 1095-C (Benefit Alert)

    On October 2, 2020, the IRS issued Notice 2020-76 which provides ACA reporting relief similar to what has been granted in prior years. There are strong indications in the Notice that this will be the last year the relief is given. The IRS had previously requested comments on the relief for furnishing the forms to […]

  2. PSA in Good Health October 2020 Tips

    Sitting Ourselves to Death! We are spending more time at home these days, and with that, more time sitting. Prolonged sitting increases your risk for cancer, heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and muscular problems. Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer for some easy ideas to get you moving.

  3. Preparing for ACA and State-Based Individual Mandate Reporting

    As the end of 2020 approaches, it is time to start preparing for ACA reporting, including reporting to states that are enforcing health insurance individual mandates. 

  4. Total Compensation Statements: Your Employees’ “Hidden Paycheck”

    The financial impact of COVID-19 is temporarily closing businesses, slowing down sales, and disrupting supply chains in the U.S. In a time when so many companies are having to make hard choices about compensation due to unforeseen budgetary constraints, could this be a good time for your organization to prepare and distribute total compensation statements?

  5. Why and When to Get a Flu Shot in 2020

    The spring and summer flew by. Fall is fast approaching, and with it, the risk for contracting influenza will increase. However, this year, things are more complicated since COVID-19 is still around, and its symptoms are very similar to influenza. With both the flu and COVID-19 prevalent, the upcoming season could pose a precarious situation, […]

  6. COVID-19 Updates and Reminders (Benefit Minute)

    This volume of the Benefit Minute provides updates to various regulatory and administrative issues related to coronavirus. 

  7. PSA in Good Health September 2020 Tips

    Can Type 2 Diabetes be Prevented? Did you know Type 2 Diabetes is preventable? Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to learn about reversing pre-diabetes and lowering your chances of type 2 diabetes.

  8. Stress Management Techniques for Happier Employees

    On August 28th, PSA is closing at noon to give employees some “mandatory” rest and relaxation. These past few months have been stressful for everyone, so to promote mental health, we’ve put together some simple stress management techniques that can be done anywhere at any time.  Relaxation is a great way to cope with everyday stress and to ease your mind. It is a way to refocus your attention and increase awareness in your mind […]

  9. High Blood Pressure and Coronavirus

    By now we known that people with any type of immunocompromised condition are more likely to contract, suffer symptoms, and even die from COVID-19 than healthy individuals. If you have Hypertension (otherwise known as high blood pressure), which is a fairly common condition in the U.S., your COVID-19 risks are significantly increased.