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  1. PSA in Good Health August Tips

    Stress Response You undoubtedly face multiple demands each day, such as taking on a huge workload, paying the bills and taking care of your family. Your body treats these so-called minor hassles as threats. As a result, you may feel as if you’re constantly under attack. Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to […]

  2. Employee Benefits Compliance Updates (Benefit Minute)
  3. PSA in Good Health July Tips
  4. Final Rule Expands Availability of Health Reimbursement Arrangements (Benefit Minute)

    On June 20, 2019, the Departments of Labor, Treasury and Health and Human Services published a final regulation regarding Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA). The regulation is intended to fulfill the President’s Executive Order directing the agencies to expand the availability and use of HRAs by employers. While the final rule allows for two new types […]

  5. PSA in Good Health June Tips
  6. Perk Up! Job Perks Can Help Retain Talent and Support Your Company Goals
  7. More States Require Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefit (Benefit Minute)

    Massachusetts, Washington, and the District of Columbia are the latest jurisdictions to pass paid family and medical leave laws.  The paid leave laws of all three jurisdictions include job protection during the paid leave.

  8. PSA in Good Health May Tips
  9. Fringe Benefits for More Than 2% Shareholders of an S Corporation — Benefit Minute