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  1. Maryland Passes Paid Family and Medical Leave (Benefit Minute)

    Maryland recently enacted a paid family and medical leave (PFML) program, joining several other states and the District of Columbia. The Time to Care Act (Act) became law when the state legislature overrode the Governor’s veto of the Act. The Governor indicated that the Act was supported by no actuarial analysis and no viable plan […]

  2. PSA In Good Health April 2022 Tips

    A NURSE IS CALLING FROM MY INSURANCE COMPANY – WHY SHOULD I ANSWER THE CALL? We all know that our health plan provides us with health benefits and processes the claims for the care we receive, but that is not all that they do! Whether you are faced with an unexpected medical emergency, managing a […]

  3. First Quarter Compliance Updates (Benefit Minute)

    This issue provides a recap of some recent regulatory activity.

  4. PSA In Good Health March 2022 Tips

    YOUR RETIREMENT DREAM ISN’T ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY… IT’S ABOUT YOUR HEALTH!  No matter how old you were when you first started working, by the time you retire, you will likely have spent a substantial portion of your life employed. While our priorities shift throughout our lives, it is important to create a balance between your […]

  5. Compliance Reminders for Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts (Benefit Minute)

    Health care flexible spending accounts (HCFSAs) are a valued employee benefit, but create administrative and compliance responsibilities for employers and their third party administrators. Permitted changes to how HCFSAs operate made in response to the COVID-19 pandemic added to these responsibilities. This issue of the Benefit Minute summarizes current compliance considerations for HCFSAs.

  6. PSA In Good Health February 2022 Tips

    SNORING CAN BE SERIOUS! LEARN WHAT SLEEP APNEA IS & HOW TO TREAT IT. Are you snoring every night? If so, you may think your quality of sleep is the only issue at hand, but you maybe experiencing a serious health condition known as sleep apnea. Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to […]

  7. PSA In Good Health January 2022 Tips

    NOW IS THE TIME TO BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM! In the current COVID-19/influenza landscape, many of us are concerned and scared to become ill. Check out this month’s In Good Health flyer to learn several natural ways to boost your immune system and help your body fight off illness.

  8. OTC Covid Rapid Tests Now Covered by Health Insurance (Benefit Minute)

    The Departments of Labor, HHS and Treasury have issued FAQs that address insurance and group health plan coverage that is required under the FFCRA and the CARES Act for OTC Covid rapid tests. OTC Covid rapid tests are those that can be self-administered and self-read at home without the involvement of a health care provider. […]

  9. Understand Employee Benefits Broker Fees to Control Your Benefits Costs

    Are you frustrated by increasing employee benefits costs? If so, you might want to start paying closer attention to what you are paying for in your benefits plan. Of course, rates can increase for many reasons, but it is important to understand how your employee benefits broker is compensated due to the financial impact it can have on your benefits plan. Specifically, if you know you could be […]