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Retirement Plans


The retirement plan you choose has implications not only for the financial well-being of your employees, but also for your company’s bottom line. The PSA Retirement Plan Services group offers full-service fiduciary and investment advisory services for 401(k) and other qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit plans.

Our comprehensive consulting approach is designed to increase your plan’s overall participation and employee satisfaction, while helping to reduce company liability. Whether you currently have a retirement plan in place or are simply contemplating offering one, PSA has the tools and the expertise to help you evaluate options and identify the best fit for your company.

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Group Health Plan Affordability Under the ACA

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an employer with 50 or more full time equivalent employees that offers group health plan coverage to full time employees may still be subject to a penalty under Code Section 4980H(b) beginning in 2015 or 2016 if the coverage offered does not meet certain minimum value and affordability standards. […]

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