What Does It Mean to Pay It Forward in Business? Baltimore-Based Video Producer Demonstrates with PSA

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Rhett Murphy, Principal and Producer, RedWhoosh Productions was recently hired by one of our speakers, Gair Maxwell, to record his PSA seminar. Unbeknownst to us, Rhett edited a portion of Gair’s video and created a promotional video for PSA – free of charge. And if you’re familiar with the video editing process then you are aware of the immense time and money that it can take to produce a professional video. Recently, Rhett wrote a post on his RedWhoosh Productions blog that explores the concept of paying it forward and explains why he chose to “pay it forward” for us.

Pay It Forward: Does It Count If I Didn’t Mean To Do It?

September 04, 2013 Rhett Murphy 

I was recently publicly thanked for shooting and editing a video for PSA Insurance & Financial Services. I did the work gratis, and was lauded for really getting a concept that PSA lives and breathes: Paying It Forward. The thing is — and I’ve struggled over whether I should admit this — I never knew I was Paying It Forward. What I saw was a chance to show off a little — to, hopefully, impress someone with whom I wanted to do business.

So, my question is: does it matter? (Read More)