What Does It Mean to Pay It Forward in Business? Baltimore-Based Video Producer Demonstrates with PSA

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Video still featuring Gair Maxwell on PSA Insurance and Financial Services' website

Rhett Murphy, Principal and Producer, RedWhoosh Productions was recently hired by one of our speakers, Gair Maxwell, to record his PSA seminar. Unbeknownst to us, Rhett edited a portion of Gair’s video and created a promotional video for PSA – free of charge. And if you’re familiar with the video editing process then you are aware of the immense time and money that it can take to produce a professional video. Recently, Rhett wrote a post on his RedWhoosh Productions blog that explores the concept of paying it forward and explains why he chose to “pay it forward” for us.

Pay It Forward: Does It Count If I Didn’t Mean To Do It?

September 04, 2013 Rhett Murphy 

I was recently publicly thanked for shooting and editing a video for PSA Insurance & Financial Services. I did the work gratis, and was lauded for really getting a concept that PSA lives and breathes: Paying It Forward. The thing is — and I’ve struggled over whether I should admit this — I never knew I was Paying It Forward. What I saw was a chance to show off a little — to, hopefully, impress someone with whom I wanted to do business.

So, my question is: does it matter?

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