A Day In The Life of a PSA Intern

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This year, we have officially kicked off a summer internship program for the future generation of insurance professionals, which we’ve featured in an earlier post Growing Your Next Insurance Partner.


Check out this brief video to get a snapshot of our program from our interns’ perspectives:

Also, here are few words from our inaugural class of 2017:

The PSA team and culture:

  • PSA staff is really a highlight. They have so many incredible employees who make themselves accessible. Everyone is friendly, and there isn’t anyone I couldn’t talk to, including senior management and leadership.
  • I did not know what to expect embarking on this internship, but I was blown away. The culture of PSA and the team are like no other. Everyone welcomed and embraced us with open arms as their own.
  • I really enjoyed it. The bonds that I formed with the other interns will be very memorable, and I genuinely enjoyed everyone that I worked with at PSA.

Professional support and resources:

  • I really loved being a part of such an incredible company all summer. I felt  supported by PSA staff during my projects. I had all my questions answered and received good advice. I also had access to many invaluable resources to help learn and develop professionally!
  • I enjoyed attending client meetings and observing how PSA is truly a partner to their clients.
  • I have had a fantastic summer. This being my first internship, I went from very little understanding of the business world, let alone insurance, and I am ending the summer with a solid understanding of both. This internship has also helped me decide on the career path I’d like to pursue upon graduation. I established great connections and had the opportunity to work with very helpful and intelligent people.

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