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  1. Closing the Gap on Rideshare Fleet Insurance

    The new sharing economy — epitomized by companies like Getaround and Airbnb — has necessitated updates and shifts in the insurance market, as insurers catch up to these new business models and the risks that come along with them cash advance loans online. The availability of insurance for fleet companies providing vehicles to drivers for rideshare […]

  2. Beware the “State” of Your Workers’ Compensation Coverage

    Your workers’ compensation policy may seem like one of the simplest forms of commercial insurance. After all, it covers you as an employer for the medical costs of your employees who suffer job-related injuries and pays their lost wages, as required by the workers’ compensation statutes in a particular state. In reality, however, workers’ compensation […]

  3. Is a Hybrid Approach to Workers’ Compensation Right for Your Company?

    When it comes to workers’ compensation insurance, many companies typically acquire a policy from an insurance provider and choose to go the “fully insured” route. However, if your company is fully insured and you are seeking ways to reduce your expenses, you might be an ideal candidate for a hybrid solution. In this article, we […]

  4. Employee vs. Independent Contractor and How it Affects Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

    As the economy changes, we have seen an increased use of “independent contractors” in all areas of business as a way to try and reduce employer expenses. While there are many advantages to the use of independent contractors, as a business executive you also need to be aware of some real hazards. Audits by […]

  5. Iconic Lloyd’s of London Insurance Policies

    When most people think about their insurance policies, they conjure up images of cars, homes and boats, jewelry or even healthcare payday loans online united states. These are the typical items most insurance companies will cover. There is, however, a whole other market of insurance, which includes the iconic, the unusual and the amusing. World-famous […]