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About Eric Holden

Eric Holden joined the PSA team in December of 2009. Prior to coming on board, he had worked for TAMRAC Insurance Group and Liberty Mutual. Eric is responsible for assisting clients with their property and casualty insurance, and has extensive experience serving the construction, food and sand & gravel hauling industries. He is known for his persistence in finding the best possible coverage for his clients.

Bring Employees Back to Work Sooner and Save on Your Workers’ Comp Mod and Premiums

Eric Holden • Feb 6th, 2014

Over the last few years the indemnity portion of workers’ compensation claims has had a greater impact than the medical portion on insurance premiums. Indemnity is defined as the lost work time when an employee is out for a work-related injury. While medical expenses are typically non-negotiable, there is some flexibility for how you as the employer choose to handle the indemnity portion of the claim. Continue Reading

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