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  1. 5 Business Solutions to the Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs

    As medical plan premiums increase and employees are prescribed high-cost specialty drugs, which normally treat complex or rare chronic conditions, employers are left wondering about solutions to the rising costs of prescription drugs in their health plans.  

  2. The Hidden Cost-Saving Opportunities in Your PBM Contract

    Did you know that pharmacy claims are the number one health care expense for most businesses due to specialty drugs? At a recent PSA Partnership seminar, Ken Huber CPBS, Executive Vice President of Employee Benefits at PSA, pulled back the curtain to explain what’s going on in today’s market with specialty drugs in your Pharmacy […]

  3. Take Control of Your Company’s Drug Costs

    For pharma, 2014 was a banner year: Prescription drug spending in the United States increased 13.1 percent to $374 billion, according to a report from IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. For employers trying to keep employee benefits costs under control, that’s not welcome news.