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  1. Stop the Stigma; Prevent Abuse with Risk Management

    Did you know that one in four girls and one in six boys will experience some type of physical, sexual, or mental abuse, and that 80% of abuse cases go unreported? The expansion of the #MeToo movement has brought to light the severity and frequency of abuse scenarios, and has also aided in breaking down […]

  2. Experience Modification Rate De-Mystified: How It Affects Your Workers’ Compensation Premium

    As a commercial business owner, you may have heard about the Experience Modification Rate (EMR), but what is it, and how is it calculated? It’s important to understand because it affects your workers’ compensation insurance premium, and an expensive policy can take away from money you could spend elsewhere and impacts your bottom line. This […]

  3. Snow Removal Contractors, Avoid the Slippery Slope–Control Risks During Snow and Ice Management

    As a landscape contractor, one of the trickiest aspects of running and protecting your operation surrounds snow and ice management. Thanks to Mother Nature, your business is likely at a higher risk in the winter months than any other time of year—there are so many things that can go wrong, from employees getting hurt, equipment […]

  4. Defining a Robust Directors and Officers Insurance Policy

    In my conversations with businesses, I’ve noticed that many business leaders still remain confused about the topic of what is and what isn’t covered under their Directors and Officers insurance policy (D&O). In this post, I provide an overview of what exactly should D&O insurance cover, which is a form of management liability coverage, and […]

  5. Protect Your Company from Cyber Security Breaches

    High profile hacks — or cyber security breaches — continue to make headlines and fuel consumer concerns over the sanctity of their personal information, including credit card data and social security numbers. Malicious viruses that create havoc on corporate networks remain a major concern for businesses. But hacks and viruses aren’t just aimed at huge, […]

  6. Risk Management Best Practices for Nonprofits

    Are you aware of the exposures that may threaten your non-profit organization? I had the opportunity to speak on a webinar organized by the nonprofit team at McGladrey where we exposed commonly faced risks and shared best practices regarding risk management for nonprofits to help your organization avoid facing costly and disruptive issues. I’ve distilled […]