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  1. Effective Employee Engagement in the New Workplace

    Studies have found that companies with high employee engagement see 22% more profitability and 21% more productivity than other organizations. If engaged employees make your company money, then it stands to reason that disengaged employees are actually costing you money in terms of productivity, absenteeism, turnover, and more.  

  2. Retain Talent by Recognizing Employees from Afar

    Recognizing employees is key to retain star performers, which is even more critical during this pandemic. But showing appreciation could be more difficult with many businesses shifting to remote work. In this post I’ll discuss the importance of employee appreciation as a retention tool, especially during COVID, and provide five ideas on how to do […]

  3. Total Compensation Statements: Your Employees’ “Hidden Paycheck”

    The financial impact of COVID-19 is temporarily closing businesses, slowing down sales, and disrupting supply chains in the U.S. In a time when so many companies are having to make hard choices about compensation due to unforeseen budgetary constraints, could this be a good time for your organization to prepare and distribute total compensation statements?