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  1. Stay in the Know: Three Things That Can Cancel Your Homeowners Insurance

    Don’t get blindsided by cancelled homeowners insurance. Three common things that most people don’t think or know about account for the majority of cancelled policies: dogs, trampolines, and filing two claims in three years. Knowing about these exposures ahead of time and discussing them with your insurance agent can help you to avoid potential claims […]

  2. After a Fire Loss: What to expect and how to manage the process

    The National Fire Protection Association reports that a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the United States every 20 seconds. One in five of those calls is for a building fire. As I discussed in my previous post, preventing a fire in your home and having an escape plan in case one occurs […]

  3. 3 Steps to Covering Your House and Belongings in the Event of a Fire Loss

    According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 2,500 people die and 12,600 are hurt annually in home fires in the United States. The annual cost of property loss from home fires in the U.S. is an estimated $7.3 billion.

  4. Human Resources Professionals Should Consider Employee Benefits Liability Insurance

    While insurance coverage is typically handled by the risk management department of your organization, as a human resources professional, there is liability coverage that is important for you to be aware of – employee benefits liability insurance.

  5. Are you a Small Business Owner? Make Sure You are Ready for Any Situation and Protected with the Right Insurance Coverage

    If you are a business owner there are a number of important insurance issues you need to consider to ensure you are protected. Business Insurance policies can be very complex in both the scope of coverage and restrictions that may apply.