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  1. Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention to Protect Your Vehicles and Business

    In the United States, catalytic converter thefts have increased 1750% since 2019, but we are experiencing another spike in thefts due to the Russia – Ukraine conflict. Since Russia is one of the top exporters of the precious metals used in catalytic converters – rhodium, palladium and platinum – there’s a shortage of these valuable […]

  2. How to Craft the Right Insurance Policy for Your Brewery

    There are about 5,300 active breweries today across the U.S. That’s the most ever — and the number has increased sharply in just the last 10 years. If you’re a brewer, you already know this: The joy of brewing is not just about creating that perfect glass of ale; it’s also about seeing people enjoy […]

  3. Get control of your manufacturing insurance rates

    Many of my manufacturing clients are interested in learning more about how their annual insurance premiums are determined and why their rates can vary significantly from year-to-year. A number of factors impact your manufacturing insurance rate. The two most significant factors considered by the insurance carrier’s underwriter include your historical loss experience and the inherent […]