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About Steve Pomponi

Steve has 25 years of safety experience. He assists PSA clients with improving their safety management systems. Steve provides worker safety, fleet safety, and risk management services. As Senior Safety Consultant, Pomponi performs baseline assessments to determine clients’ operational risk exposures; collaborates with clients to improve existing safety management systems; assists in the implementation of new safety practices and processes through hands-on training; and monitors progress to provide results-based services.

How to protect your assets and yourself prior to and during a civil disorder

Steve Pomponi • Sep 2nd, 2015

The recent riots and looting in Baltimore raised questions among my clients wondering about their personal safety as well as protection for their companies. The vandalism, theft and curfew caused significant losses to both individuals and businesses. Unfortunately, civil disorder is becoming more common, it seems. We have witnessed 23 similar events over the last few years including the unrest in Baltimore, MD; Ferguson, MO; and Occupy Wall Street in New York, NY.

These examples prompted me to discuss some practical tips you can easily follow prior and during an event to help you be more prepared to protect yourself, your assets and family. Continue Reading