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  1. How Trust and Estate Attorneys can Mitigate the Increase in Legal Malpractice Claims

    Background  The United States is currently experiencing one of the largest transfers of wealth in history as aging baby boomers are passing on their wealth and transitioning the ownership of their businesses. The increasing number of these transactions has caused an uptick in the number of claims made against trust and estate attorneys.  

  2. Can’t Cover Your Cannabis Biz? Making Sense of the Current Cannabis Insurance Marketplace

    The Cannabis insurance market remains limited. Whether you own a dispensary, grow facility, processing operation, or testing lab, for the most part, cannabis businesses can only buy insurance from a handful of insurers. Additionally, cannabis entrepreneurs are often surprised to learn that their cannabis insurance policies are much more restrictive than policies covering their other […]

  3. Buds Business Booming? Understand the Factors Affecting Cannabis Dispensary Insurance Costs and Coverage

    Whether you’re a new cannabis dispensary purchasing your first policies or a dispensary about to enter your second year of business, you should understand the factors affecting your cannabis dispensary insurance costs and coverages in the upcoming year. The following is intended for medical dispensaries although some of these points will apply to all cannabis […]

  4. What Happens to Your Malpractice Coverage When You Leave a Practice?

    An Introduction to Sherman’s Law of Malpractice Insurance Like all professions, from time to time, physicians experience changes in employment. If you are a doctor who’s considering joining a new practice, starting your own practice or retiring, then you need to be sure you are protected from a lawsuit resulting from your previous work.

  5. Five Inexpensive Ways to Protect Yourself and Your Medical Practice Right Now

    Physicians and other high net worth individuals I counsel understandably have the feeling they have targets on their backs. We live in a litigious society, and it isn’t becoming any less so. Spend an evening watching local television and you may come away with the impression that the only businesses advertising today are car dealers and […]