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Managing cyber risk is complicated, especially for small and medium businesses (SMBs) that have limited financial and human resources. The good news…we have simplified cyber risk management to help protect your organization.
Watch our recorded webinar: 5 Steps for Small and Medium Businesses to Improve Cyber Risk Management >>
Ever wonder how the dark web can impact your business, and what you can do to mitigate your cybersecurity risks?
If so, watch our recorded webinar: Shining Light on the Dark Web – Strategies to Minimize the Impact of Lurking Cyber-Attacks on Your Business >>
How can cyber insurance alleviate the consequences of cyber attacks, such as the Ransomware attack on Baltimore City? Check out our cyber expert Mike Volk in a Baltimore Sun article. Read More>>
Are you a small to mid-size business facing cybersecurity challenges? Don’t have the resources to manage cyber risk effectively? You are in luck. We’ve partnered with the National Cybersecurity Society — a national non-profit committed to improving the online safety and security of the small business community — to help connect you with additional resources, services, and information. Learn more about available resources.
Be prepared for a cyber incident. Team up with cyber industry experts. Download our free member guide to find your partner today.







Cyber Specialist, Mike Volk, discusses the importance of having cyber insurance to protect your company from the consequences of a data breach in this issue of Maryland Business Monthly.

Download Elevating Cybersecurity to an Organizational Risk Management Function, published in the US Cybersecurity Magazine, to discover what it takes to elevate cybersecurity from an IT function to a risk management function.






Download Buying Into the Brave New World of Cyber Insurance, published in the Daily Record’s Cyber Report 2016, to find out what you should know before buying a cyber policy.








Read an article in the Baltimore Business Journal to find out why we launched a cybersecurity practice.