Auto Service and Collision Repair Shops

Ensuring your shop's unique exposures are adequately protected

An Insurance Buying Program Crafted Exclusively For ATI Members

Chances are, your current policy isn’t properly covering your major exposures leaving you vulnerable to potential claims to pay out of pocket.

Over the years, PSA found that most Auto Service and Collision Repair shops are either not adequately protected against exposures inherent to their industry, or they are overpaying for comprehensive coverage.
For instance, a gap in coverage we often see is that a typical General Liability policy does not protect against a claim when a customer’s vehicle is damaged while in the shop. This is why it’s important to have industry-specific coverage, such as a Garage including Garagekeepers policy.

PSA’s team of experts understand your unique needs and industry related exposures. We have created a custom insurance program with ATI that provides comprehensive protection at an affordable cost.

Get better coverage for your unique risks

This exclusive program offers:
· Preferred pricing
· Increased limits
· Broader and specialty coverage
· Best practices collection and distribution
· Cost control with collective loss data analysis
· Superior customer service

Lines of Coverage
· General Liability
· Commercial Auto
· Garage including Garagekeepers
· Technician/Mechanic Errors & Omissions
· Commercial Property
· Workers’ Compensation

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Let’s give your insurance program the proper tune up.

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