Food Industry

Serving up coverage specific to food industry risk

The experts at PSA have extensive experience in serving the restaurant and food industry, helping hundreds of businesses just like yours with all of their insurance needs.

Program Highlights

  • Franchise Compliance
  • Spoilage
  • Food Contamination
  • Health Department Shutdown
  • Loss of Income
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Ordinance & Law

Restaurant Categories

Fast Food – High foot traffic, hot fryers and a fast-paced work environment are just some of the factors that contribute to potential perils in fast food restaurants. Should you need it, PSA has an in-house claims department to help assist you with claims, including nuisance claims. We have programs for both individual and group franchises.

Family Style – Family-style restaurants feature an environment with a unique mix of risks. While the bar area is often busy, a large proportion of activity and revenue is associated with the dinning area proliferated by families with children. Frequent table turns means busy kitchens, which increases the opportunity for accidents. We have broad products that address all of your needs under one concise policy.

Fine Dining – You deliver outstanding food in an impeccable environment. As a restaurateur and chef, the last thing you want to worry about is insurance. Your PSA agent is here to deliver a 5 star experience, serving up a wide variety of coverages associated with the unique needs of your restaurant, such as valet parking, table-side cooking and liquor liability.

Bars & Taverns – Whether you run the neighborhood tavern, a sports & entertainment bar or an all-night dance club, PSA has programs to help you protect your establishment. We offer coverage for employee dishonesty, liquor liability and much more.

Craft Breweries – Most traditional insurance policies for bars and restaurants, when applied to a brewery, can leave you exposed. While similar, breweries face some very unique risks, which require a policy designed to protect your operations. We can help build a program that covers concerns including tank collapse, leakage, contamination and more.

Wholesale & Distribution – We represent insurance carriers that recognize the unique needs of distributors. Policies can be designed to fit large delivery fleets, heavier workers’ compensation risks and contractual liability involved with the retailer. We understand the additional risk that comes along with operating a heavy fleet of vehicles and selling food products that hold the potential of making people ill. With PSA, you’ll be covered for costly business disruptions commonly seen in your industry. We tailor policies to keep you going and make sure you get repaid. Categories include produce, meat and seafood, beverages, restaurant equipment and supplies, as well as processing and manufacturing.

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