Healthcare Third Party Claim Administration

Creative solutions to better control the outcome of your liability claims

They say three’s a crowd. But if you’re ever involved in a liability claim, you’ll welcome the company of a partner that has traversed these waters before.

And because our team is managing the claim—instead of the insurance company—your best interests are also represented. We’ll investigate the basis of your suit, assess liability, hire and manage the litigation attorneys and negotiate settlements. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of key decisions before proceeding, and you’ll be fully informed of claim status until complete resolution.

Ultimately, the efforts of a good Third Party Administrator can have a large impact on your liability claim payout. Don’t sell yourself short.

What can you expect from our Claims Advocacy services?

  • Extensive experience in general liability, healthcare professional liability and other complex litigation
  • Prompt investigation, comprehensive evaluation and strategies for claim resolution
  • Prompt communication including claim updates and custom reports
  • Effective litigation management
  • Assistance with HIPAA compliance, review of medical records and development of visitor injury guidelines

The claims staff at your insurance carrier or your TPA likely does not have healthcare claim specialists, so they may not be best suited to manage your claims.

With our in-house third party administration services, we have the advantage to respond faster, keep you informed every step of the way and provide a more seamless and cost-effective experience. When partnering with PSA’s Healthcare Risk Solutions Team, you can keep your program structure, broker and carrier while also getting better results.

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