Nonprofit Organizations

Helping you so you can help others.

PSA provides insurance for hundreds of nonprofit organizations. Our professionals use their experience and training to build the most comprehensive policies available.

Program Highlights

  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation Policies and Procedures
  • Loss Prevention Consulting
  • Risk Management Guide
  • Claims Management Assistance
  • Key Employee Replacement Expense Coverage
  • Employment Practices Guidelines

Nonprofit Categories 

  • Child Development Programs
  • Counseling Centers
  • Developmental Disabilities Programs
  • Hospice Organizations
  • Mental Health Agencies
  • Senior Services
  • Special Needs Day Schools
  • ARCs
  • Family Service Agencies
  • Head Start Programs
  • Meals on Wheels
  • United Cerebral Palsy Association
  • Private Schools
  • Trade Associations

Nonprofit Risk Management Center

Nonprofit Risk Management Center, PSA is proud to be an affiliate member of the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, an association built to help nonprofit leaders cope with uncertainty. The Center has a 20-year history of advising best-in-class nonprofits and delivering practical advice. PSA’s Nonprofit Team has access to Nonprofit Risk Management Center tools, including a broad range of reliable advice and practical help on risk issues ranging from employment practices, to risk oversight and governance, enterprise risk management, fraud prevention and more. For more information, read our Nonprofit Risk Management Center Newsletters.

PSA Guide

Abuse and Molestation Prevention Guide for Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization that may work with a vulnerable population, an abuse or molestation accusation can be extremely costly and taint your reputation. We’ve developed a free Abuse and Molestation Prevention FAQ Guide to help prevent these cases.